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ALDER BROOK twig & log furniture, FREE shipping - experience rustic elegance!

Flyin' Dubja Rustic Furniture Look through our pictorial display of some of the rustic furniture products we make in our shop at our home in Mid-Michigan.  The wood sticks that are cut and gathered from our family acreage are mostly Maple and Cherry trees.  They are usually hand-stripped of bark, then air dried.  Some pieces are left with the bark attached for color and texture.  They are finished with multiple coats of polyurethane in satin or semi-gloss.  Construction of these is accomplished by tenon and mortise, all are glued, most are reinforced with end screws, depending on their intended use.  Each piece is by nature, unique and one-of-a-kind.  We are able to duplicate a "look" but can not make any two identical.
URL:   http://pages.zdnet.com/hokey17/rustics
Email:    rusticsmi@msn.com
Phone:   9894650371
Address:  1910 North Castor
City:      Sanford
ST:        MI
Zip:       48657